Annah Hayes
San Francisco, CA


Strength Training, Weight Loss, Working with Injuries


American College of Sports Medicine, CrossFit (Level 1 and Movement & Mobility)

I started my fitness career in 2008, training individuals and leading group classes for BootcampSF all over the bay area. In 2012, I began coaching CrossFit at Crossfit Potrero Hill. I hold training certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and CrossFit (Level 1 and Movement & Mobility). I love what I do, and put a lot of time and energy into creating fun and challenging programming to fit any goal.

I woke up one day at age 24 and realized how overweight I had let myself get and vowed that day to fix the damage I had done. By the time I reached my 25th birthday, I had lost 50lbs, all on my own, with a lot of hard work and good food. Ever since my weight loss, I have been very dedicated to healthy living, I am extremely passionate about fitness and good health. Helping people recognize they possess the ability to reach their goals is my motivation and commitment to each person I work with. I take pride in helping people do things they never thought possible.

  • I can do a one arm, free standing, hand stand push up. (no I cannot) But seriously, at one time in my life, I weighed over 200 lbs!
  • I am slightly obsessed with animals, all of them. If there is anything furry in my general vicinity, I turn into a total dork.
  • Curry, any and all kinds.

Where I train:

Nothing worth while comes without a little hard work.

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