fitbookr frequently asked questions

What am I doing here?

To find a kickass trainer to get your rear in gear!

How does this work?

Search our network of local fitbookr trainers. After you’ve found a good match, book times that work for you.

How do I know which trainer will be my best match?

Trainer profile pages are designed to give you insight into who the trainers really are. Trainers are like snowflakes- each trainer’s style is unique. Review each profile and pay attention to their specialties and favorite exercises. You may find one that focuses on your favorite movements or maybe even likes the same type of junk food!

Also, a Search option will be coming soon to help you.

Why minimum of two sessions?

We’ve spoken to a lot of personal trainers and every one of them has said that booking at least two sessions will give you a better routine to get in the groove of things.

Who are the trainers?

The trainers are all people we have interviewed to make sure they would be a great fit for fitbookr. Several of them are friends of ours or other trainers that we know.

Are they certified?

100% of our trainers are certified and we interview every trainer to make sure they are qualified to train our clients.

Where do I meet my trainer?

You’ll meet your trainer at the designated location set on her/his profile page. But just in case, you’ll get their contact information when you book a session.

What if I’m late to my session?

Sometimes life throws curveballs. It’s okay to be a little late but please let your trainer know. We wouldn’t want you to miss an entire session because the trainer thought you were a no-show!

What if I don’t like my trainer?

One special characteristic fitbookr screens for in their trainers is their personality. Working out with someone should be fun so we make sure to only onboard trainers that you actually want to hang out with! Having said that, if you still did not enjoy your session, send us an email at telling us why the session wasn’t to your liking. We’ll refund your cost at no charge.

How does payment work?

We currently use Stripe as a third party service provider for payment services. And don’t worry, Stripe’s a solid company and your credit card information is safe!

Can I pay the personal trainer in cash?

Sorry, we only accept payment through Stripe during check out. It’s convenient for you and the personal trainers.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We know that schedules can change at the last minute and we understand if you can’t make a session. If you cancel a session with 24 hour notice, you’ll get a 100% refund. Anything under 24 hours, we’ll refund you 50% of the session cost.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Call us right away at (650) 999-0398 to cancel. In the future, you'll be able to manage your appointments. It'll be available soon!

What if the trainer does not show up?

We’re 99.9% sure this will never happen but in the 0.1% chance it does, we’ll refund the full session cost and give you a complimentary session.

What if I don’t show up?

We wouldn’t want that, but without advance noticed, there’s not much we can do. The personal trainer’s time is just as valuable as yours so please try to keep your appointments.

Where'd we get our awesome icons you ask?

Several of our icons are from The Noun Project! The Treasure Map was designed by Juan Pablo Bravo. Simple Icons created the Calendar and the Graph. Our happy Squirrel is by Pirog Tetyana. And last but not least, fitbookr's favorite, the Tiger by Allison Dominguez! A big thank you to these designers and The Noun Project!

More questions or feedback?

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at or call us at (650) 999-0398. Your input is appreciated.