fitbookr privacy policy

1.   Categories of Information We Collect:


A.   Information You Provide to Us. When you book a session, open an account, participate in a discussion, send a message to another user, communicate with customer service or send us an email, you provide us with information that we may process. Such information may include your name, address, phone number, credit card information, and purchase history.  The information you provide is provided voluntarily, and used to maintain your user account.  We encourage you not to submit any information to the website that you are not comfortable sharing with others.


To “Process” includes any operation involving personal information.  It may include, but is not limited to, collecting your information into a file, copying the information, or displaying the information on your profile page.


Users can view and access their information through their personal profile page.  You can change your information, keep it up-to-date to reflect an accurate profile, and limit the amount of information that is displayed to others through your profile.  


B.    Other Information We Receive and Store. We also collect and store information from you as a result of your visiting our site, sending us emails including your IP address, your email address, your browser type and version, your operating system and platform, your purchase history, pofiles you view, profiles you search for, length of visits to pages and other browser interaction information.


By “Collect” we mean fitbookr collects non-personally identifiable information about our users.


When we “Store” the information, we keep and use the information collected to form the website to cater to the habits and preferences of our users, for their convenience.


Fitbookr and its advertisers may use a “cookie” to collect non-personally identifiable information about you.  It may collect certain information such as your IP address, browser type, type of computer and the operating system being used.  Fitbookr may use the cookies to store a user’s preferences for the site for the user’s convenience.  If you want to deny access to your computer by the cookies, you may configure your browser to change the cookie settings.  However, please be aware that cookies may be necessary for certain feature of the website that you will not be able to access if you disable all cookies.


2. Use and Disclosure of Information We Collect


A.   Use and Disclosure of Information. We will use and disclose your information only as follows: (1) to identify your user account; (2) to create groups; (3) to post events; (4) to post messages sent to another user’s inbox; (5) to post reviews on products and/or services; (6) to post an opinion; (7) to post users in connect search results; (8) to post user contributed news; (9) to post lists of friends online; (10) to post lists of connected friends; (11) to confirm and ship your orders; (12) to follow up to make sure such orders are fulfilled; (13) if, in the course of placing an order, you opt to receive occasional emails from us notifying you of special offers, we will use such information to notify you of such offers; (14) if, in the course of placing an order, you opt to receive occasional emails from third parties to whom we provide your information, we will disclose such information to such third parties; (15) to protect the rights and safety of our shareholders, members, officers, employees, customers, and us; (16) at our option, to notify you of any changes to this Privacy Policy or our other terms and conditions of this website (you are bound by the terms of any changes we post to our website whether or not we notify you by email) and (17) as otherwise required by law. We disclose your information to third parties (such as to shippers and credit card processors) only as reasonably required to fulfill your orders and collect sums due us.  We may also disclose your information to third parties (such as to legal representatives and law enforcement) to protect the rights and safety of our shareholders, members, employees, customers, and us, as you expressly permit and as required by law (such as the result of a court subpoena). We may transfer your information in the event of the sale of substantially all of the assets of our business to a third-party or in the event of a merger, consolidation or acquisition. However, in such event, any acquirer will be subject to the provisions of our commitments to you. 


B.    Sensitive Information.  Any posting of sensitive material, such as that pertaining to racial or ethnic origins, political or religious beliefs, or health or sex life, by the user constitutes explicit consent by the user to our use and processing of the information.  The user recognizes that the forums in which they participate, and the comments they post, may be read by other users.  Again, please do not share any information you feel uncomfortable revealing to a third person. 


C.    Sharing with Third Parties.  Fitbookr will not share your information with third parties unless it is (1) reasonably necessary to offer the service, (2) legally required or (3) permitted by you.


Fitbookr allows the user to control the extent to which other users may access their information by adjusting their personal privacy settings and monitoring their disclosure of information.  Users should be aware that when they post on a community forum, that posting may be accessed by third parties. 


We may provide information to service providers to help us bring you the services we offer. Specifically, we may use third parties to facilitate and enhance our business, such as to send out email updates about fitbookr, to remove repetitive information from our user lists, to process payments for products or services, or to provide search results or links (including sponsored links). In connection with these offerings and business operations, our service providers may have access to your personal information for use for a limited time in connection with these business activities. Where we utilize third parties for the processing of any personal information, we implement reasonable contractual and technical protections limiting the use of that information to the purpose for which it has been collected, and other compatible uses, and no more information is collected than is required to satisfy the purpose for which it is collected.  If the user would like to restrict the amount of information shared to third parties, they may do so by opting-out through the privacy setting on their profile page.


D.   Third Party Cookies.  This privacy policy covers the use of cookies by fitbookr and does not cover the use of cookies or other tracking technologies by any of its other third-parties, known or unknown.


E.    Security of Information.  Fitbookr will use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect data against destruction, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure or access.


Fitbookr may be required to disclose user information pursuant to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with applicable laws. We do not provide information in response to such requests until we have a good faith belief that an information request by law enforcement or private litigants meets applicable legal standards. Additionally, we may share account or other information when we believe it is necessary to comply with the law, to protect our interests or property, to prevent fraud or other illegal or unethical activity perpetrated through the fitbookr service or using the fitbookr name, or to prevent imminent property or bodily harm. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.


3. Notification of Changes


Any changes in our Privacy Policy will be posted to this website and will become effective as of the date of posting with respect to information we then collect in the future, but will not be changed with respect to information that we have then already collected. It is and will be your responsibility to review our Privacy Policy from time to time to make sure you are aware of any changes.  Please note that the Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time.


4. Effective Date


This Privacy Policy is effective with respect to all data that we have collected since the date we started collecting data pursuant to it, which was March 19, 2014.


5. Questions


A.   Questions. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us by sending an email to:


B.    Disputes.  Any disputes arising from this Privacy Policy should first be submitted to fitbookr at  If, after a good faith first attempt, the Parties are unable to come to a resolution, the dispute will be submitted to mediation in San Francisco in accord with the procedure of JAMS (Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service) or, if mutually agreeable to the Parties, other mediator or dispute resolution organization in San Francisco, with mediation to be held within 60 days of either Party’s formal written request therefore. Each Party is to pay its own legal fees and share equally the cost of mediator. If mediation is unsuccessful in resolving such dispute, either Party may file a civil action where applicable, in San Francisco County, California.